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Procurement of the Cassegrain Set (CG-Set) for the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS


GRANTECAN announces a Request for Proposals for the Procurement of CG-Set (Instrument Rotator and AG Mechanics) for the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS.

Deadline: Proposals are due at 17:00 hours on September 29th, 2017 at the address:

Vía Láctea s/n (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)
38205 La Laguna
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Canary Islands, SPAIN

No proposal will be accepted after this deadline.

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Contract documents (Contract and General Terms and Conditions) must be signed in Spanish, since GRAN TELESCOPIO DE CANARIAS S.A. is a society incorporated under Spanish Law. Free translations into English of these documents are provided.

The contact person in GRANTECAN for this Request for Proposals is Germán Prieto.

Questions from Bidders shall be addressed to GRANTECAN by e-mail to the following address: Subject shall be identified as “CG-Set Tender”.

icon Questions and Answers:

  • (20th of July 2017) CG-Set Finite Elements Model file available for download (ZIP) here
  • (3rd of August 2017) CG-Set Finite Elements Model (ANSYS WORKBENCH) file available for download (ZIP) here
  • (4th of September 2017) Rotator motor model in page 35 of the CG-Set Preliminary Design document is wrong. Instead of IDAM RI11-3P-2150x175-HD1, it should be IDAM RI11-3P-2150x100-HD1, i.e. 100mm high.
  • (4th of September 2017) The “estimated torque requirement” of 500 Nm in page 35 of the CG-Set Preliminary Design document is considering both Cable Chains (between Rotator and Telescope, between Science Instrument and Telescope). However, the Science Instrument and its cable rotator are out of scope and therefore the Instrument cable rotator torque should have been included as an interface requirement for the Tender. The inclusion of this requirement shall be negotiated before contract agreement. In the meantime a value of 350 Nm shall be considered.

Last modified: 04 September 2017