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The GTC Users Committee (GUC) is an advisory body to the GTC Director. It acts as a committee of users, which advises, from the user’s perspective, on the normal scientific operation and development of the GTC, and recommends changes and improvements to both instrumentation and procedures in order to maximize scientific productivity. The GUC will act as an interface between the GTC users and the GTC Observatory, facilitating the communication between GTC and its users.

The GUC has a membership of approximately eight scientists, chosen by the GTC Director and is composed of PIs of GTC Observing Programs. To allow for balance between continuity and new input, members will be appointed for a two-year term starting on the date of the first meeting attended. The GTC Director can ask a member to serve for one more year if mutually agreeable. The committee will have one seat for a member from Mexico.

The chair will be nominated and appointed by the GTC Director for a one year period, with the possible extension of one more year. The GTC Director and the Head of the GTC Science Operations attend meetings of the group ex-officio.

The Committee will meet at least two times per year.

The scope of the Users Committee is quite broad: the GUC is free to set its own agenda and if necessary can establish an ad-hoc subcommittee structure to perform in-depth studies of relevant subjects. It is expected that the Committee actively solicits the opinions of the GTC user community as a basis for its recommendations. The Committee may express an opinion about current and future instrumentation plans, priorities and time scales, or comment on the scientific output and direction of the GTC Observatory.

The committee will be assured of reasonable support from GTC staff for information and clarification.

The product of the GTC Users Committee deliberations consists of a written report of conclusions, recommendations and actions, addressed to the GTC Director, and delivered no more than one month after the meeting. These reports (together with a GTC response, if warranted) are made available to the GTC International Steering Committee. Shorter versions of these reports will be published on the GTC web pages.

All GTC users are welcome to send their comments, complaints or suggestions to any member of this committee.

The virtual GUC meeting on March 2021.


icon Current GUC membership


Name email
Fernando Moreno Danvila (IAA, Granada) fernando[at]
Rana Ezzeddine (University of Florida, Gainesville) rezzeddine [at]
Josefa Becerra González (IAC, La Laguna) jbecerra [at]
Mar Mezcua (ICE-CSIC, Barcelona) marmezcua.astro [at]
Alberto Rebassa Mansergas (UPC, Barcelona) alberto.rebassa [at]
Ismael Pérez Fournon (IAC, La Laguna) (Chair) ipf [at]
Francisco Najarro (CAB-INTA, Madrid) najarro [at]
Laurence Sabin (UNAM, Ensenada) lsabin[at]


icon Next GUC Meeting


March 2022 (TBC)


icon GUC's Presentations (14-15 Sep 2021)



icon GUC's Reports



Last modified: 15 September 2021

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