Phase-2 Users Guide


The phase-2 observation preparation tool is used by GTC to define all science observations. Users who have been granted time on the telescope also obtain access to this tool. Phase-2 observation preparation is essentially done through a series of web forms that access and stores the observing details into the GTC observing database. The actual observations will be carried out according to what the user defines in the phase-2 forms.

Note that the phase-2 definition process ends by filling in the README form and submitting the information. You can work on filling in the observing information during multiple sessions, but once finished, you must terminate by submitting this information. This submission itself locks the information against any further changes, and only then will the information be considered for execution of the observations.

Progress on your observations during the semester can also be followed through the same tool.

See the Phase-2 manual for details and tips on how to fill in the forms.

Last modified: 13 February 2013

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