Telescope stand-down (22 - 29 May 2024)

Science News

icon Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting ultra-cool star
icon Astronomers confirm a new "Trojan" asteroid that shares an orbit with Mars
icon Researchers discover hot subdwarf binary system with shortest known orbital period
icon Astronomers make a significant advance in our knowledge of the asteroids nearest to the Earth, the Arjunas
icon Nube, the almost invisible galaxy which challenges the dark matter model
icon GTC telescope helps in largely decreasing the threat of 2023 TB2
icon Two-Faced star exposed
icon Grantecan solves an old puzzle about the brightness of galaxy discs
icon Astronomers discover a new type of stellar object hiding in plain sight
icon Astronomers reveal the largest cosmic explosion ever seen
icon Does the merger of two black holes emit light? The Subaru+GTC collaboration tries to answer this question
icon The Gran Telescopio Canarias plays a key role in the discovery of the ring of the dwarf planet Quaoar

Telescope News

icon EMIR upgrade with new H2RG detector
icon 2016-2023 Projects financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
icon GTCAO Technical First Light
icon The first meeting of the major astronomical observatories in Spain is held in La Palma
icon EMIR installed (back) at Nasmyth A
icon GTCAO arrives at GTC!
icon Funding for Grantecan's activities in the coming years is consolidated
icon HIPERCAM first on sky tests at Folded Cass G
icon GTCAO Acceptance tests at IAC
icon HIPERCAM installed at Folded Cass G
icon EMIR Maintenance stand-down (March-June 2023)
icon New monolithic CCD for OSIRIS
icon M3 aluminizing
icon MAAT: new "eyes" for the OSIRIS instrument of the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC)
icon Cabinet approves signing of MoU between India, Spain for scientific and technical collaborations in astronomy
icon GRANTECAN opens its doors to its observing nights
icon Call for the next generation of instruments for the Gran Telescopio Canarias
icon Agreement between the GTC and the National Astronomical Observatories of China

The Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC), is a 10.4m telescope with a segmented primary mirror. It is located in one of the top astronomical sites in the Northern Hemisphere: the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (ORM, La Palma, Canary Islands). The GTC is a Spanish initiative led by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC). The project is actively supported by the Spanish Government and the Local Government from the Canary Islands through the European Funds for Regional Development (FEDER) provided by the European Union. The project also includes the participation of Mexico (Instituto de Astronomía de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IA-UNAM) and Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), and the US University of Florida.

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