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Gran Telescopio de Canarias S.A. (GRANTECAN), is a public company founded in 1994 with the participation of both the Spanish and Canarian Regional Governments.

GRANTECAN has legal personality and the capacity of working in the achievement of the following objetives:

  • Design and building of Gran Telescopio Canarias.
  • Awarding and contracting the required services for building the telescope.
  • Exploitation, development and incorporation of improvements in the telescope.
  • Research, through the scientific exploitation of Gran Telescopio Canarias.
  • Technology transfer to industry.
  • Dissemination and outreach of Gran Telescopio Canarias.
  • Creation, acquisition, merchandising and exploitation of the industrial, intelectual, or image property rights.

icon Mision, vision and values

This document describes the mision, vision and values for GRANTECAN.

Download mision, vision and values.

icon Regulations and Statutes

GRANTECAN is subject to the following regulations:

Download Regulations applicable to GRANTECAN.

These are the company statutes.

Download Statutes File.

icon Annual Accounts and Audit Reports

Below, you can find the latest Annual Accounts and Audit Reports:

icon Grants and Subsidies

The grants and subsidies received by GRANTECAN are as follows:

Additionally, GRANTECAN receives annual funds allocated in the General State Budget for the operation of the telescope.

icon Agreements

The current agreements of GRANTECAN are available at the following link.

icon Organization chart

This is the organization chart of the company.

Organization chart of the different departments that form GRANTECAN

Diagram of the personnel belonging to the different departments

Download Organization Chart.

icon Salary record

According to Royal Decree 902/2020 from October 13th, GRANTECAN has a salary record with the aim of informing employees and third parties about salary transparency and non-discrimination in the company. The register shows that there is no pay gap between women and men and this is available to employees on request through the corresponding legal procedures.

icon Penal Compliance Policy

Following documents govern GRANTECAN's Penal Compliance Policy:

Last modified: 31 May 2024

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